Lighting control

Homenet offers stylish keypads and touch screen interfaces to replace old fashioned light switches to give the home owner or business client better control over their living/working space in an easy to use yet beautiful and sophisticated manner.

Lighting control is an essential part to an integrated lighting and home automation experience.  You can turn your lights on and off or dim them with a touch of a single button.  Walls cluttered by multiple switches are a thing of the past .  All of these switches can be replaced by a stylish keypad.  This allows you to control various lighting scenes throughout your home/office. In addition, by using this system it allows you to control your music, window shades/blinds/garage doors, heating and cooling and much more… that it saves you the home/business owner energy and money.

Ultimately lighting control adds convenience and elegance to your home.
Today, lighting can be controlled by touch screen, computer or remotely over the internet. Our lighting control system can be wired into any new construction or
retrofit to an existing home.